Barilla Group - All Over The World

By Patrick Reedy

Barilla Group has several production plants all over the world: in Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, the United States (in Ames, Iowa and Avon, New York), and Mexico.

The company also operates mills in Italy, Greece, Sweden, Turkey, and the US. While its central office is in Parma, Italy, it has corporate offices in several other countries as well, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and Japan.

Barilla's Italian production facilities are located at Parma, Foggia, Marcianise, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Cremona, Melfi, Rubbiano, Novara, and Ascoli Piceno. Its plant in Greece (near Thiva) is the third largest in Europe.

The plant where the pasta was made is noted on the packaging by a code letter, whereas products made in Italy are explicitly labeled as such.  The wheat used to make the final product is purchased from around the world.

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